Island Seafood Exports is an exporter of fresh premium grade seafood that is known for its fine quality and palate. We combine the exotic tropical fish and other seafood sourced around the island of Sri Lanka and we are one of the top seafood exporters of Sri Lanka. As a responsible organization that has a commitment to the environment, we ensure procuring from sustainable sources only.

The processes we follow ensure to keep the catches in well-insulated boxes. The reefer trucks we employ maintain standards while they transport the fresh catches from the fishing harbors to our export processing facility. Our priced catches include red snappers, other varieties of snappers, varieties of grouper fish, seer fish, emperor fish, pomfret varieties, barramundi, sand whiting, blue swimming crabs, etc.

Our Processing Plant

Our export processing plant has experienced staff who are well trained to handle the products using the best methods adopted worldwide. Our dedicated and skilled staff grades the fish first and then pack as per laid international packaging standards for seafood. We strive to put together the latest innovation into the production and packing of our seafood. The processes we follow ensure hygiene at all stages ensuring the quality of the produce at every stage.

Full Service


Our trained hands in grading the produce out of the sea and the insulated boxes used for packaging keep seafood fresh.


Though we primarily supply fresh seafood to the Far Eastern market, our capability stretches far and wide across the globe.


While the reefer trucks we deploy ensure impeccable quality, our logistic partners deliver them anywhere.

The Modus Operandi

How we do

At Island Seafood Exports, we maintain a fleet of reefer trucks that ensures the seafood we transport stay fresh and natural. After the processing is done at our facility, the products are shipped out to Bandaranaike International Airport at Katunayake. The state-of-the-art infrastructure at the airport ensures the products are handled with care. As a motto, we make sure that the quality of our export produces is never compromised at any stage of the processing and handling cycle.