Black Pomfret

Scientific Name – Parastromateus niger

LanguageCalled as
Arabicبومفريت أسود


Black pomfrets are commonly found in the oceans surrounding Sri Lanka and India. Most pomfrets look the same with their flat shape. Black pomfrets have a soft textured body and are fleshy fish with a central bone. Like all pomfrets, they have a pink hue on the body which is slightly intense on the fins and near the head. They are darker in hue when compared to the Chinese Pomfrets.

Culinary Features

Steamed pomfret with sauce is a famous culinary treat in Thai cuisine. In Indian cooking, they are mostly fried. But they taste better when grilled or baked.

Health Benefits

Black pomfrets are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This compound is known for keeping our eye sights healthy and they are said to be good for certain conditions like osteoarthritis. Minerals like iodine, selenium, zinc, and potassium are found in abundance in this fish.

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