Blacktail Snapper

Scientific Name – Lutjanus fulvus

LanguageCalled as
Arabicعصموديّ ذيل أسود


Blacktail Snapper, a variety of snapper, is found in abundance in the tropical waters of the Indonesian archipelago and South East Asia, Sri Lanka, India, and Northern Australian coast. While the body is of a reddish hue, the tail and the upper side is black as the name goes.

Culinary Features

The flesh is clear to light pink and they are soft and moist. They have a taste that is mildly sweet. Seasoning with lemon, fresh chili peppers with butter is a great way to prepare this fish.

Health Benefits

Blacktail Snapper is high in many vitamins like A, E, D, B6, B12, and K. They have Zinc, Sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, etc which can give enough minerals to our body. A 100 gm serving of this fish can provide around 20 gm of protein to our body. So if you are looking to build muscles and eating healthy, this is the fish to go for.

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