Camouflage Grouper

Scientific Name – Epinephelus polyphekadion

LanguageCalled as
Arabicهامور مموه


Camouflage Grouper fish is also called blue-tailed cod or camouflage rock-cod. They are found throughout the Indian Ocean and the Pacific and they prefer clear water. Hence they are most naturally found near the reefs. They are said to live 40 years. As the name suggests, their skin color and the spots on their body make them easy to hide in the rocks and reefs while they hunt their prey.

Culinary Features

Camouflage Grouper can be steamed with spring onion to make it more palatable. In traditional Chinese cooking, they are steam cooked with shiitake mushrooms, meat, and ginger.

Health Benefits

Grouper fish are generally high in protein and hence they are a good source of food when you are looking to build muscles. They can maximize the absorption of calcium in the body. They are also rich in Iron and Vitamin A.

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