Chinese Pomfret

Scientific Name – Pampus Chinensis

LanguageCalled as
Arabicزبيديات أولى


Chinese pomfrets are globally found in all the major oceans of the world. Most pomfrets look the same with their flat shape. The biggest distinguishing factor between the Chinese pomfret and other pomfret is their broader body. Also, the head of a Chinese pomfret is a tad bigger and broader than the other pomfrets. Chinese pomfrets have a soft textured body. Like all pomfrets, you can also observe a pink hue on the body which is slightly intense on the fins and near the head.

Culinary Features

With a naturally sweet taste, Chinese pomfret is touted to be the most delicious of all pomfret varieties. They are hence called the King of all Pomfrets in taste.

Health Benefits

Chinese pomfrets are high in Iron and Magnesium. Iron greatly reduces anemic conditions in menstruating women. They also play a key role in supporting the immune system. The benefits of Magnesium include fighting depression, boosting workout performances, reducing insulin resistance, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, etc. These fish are high in Omega-3 fatty acids, an essential element that reduces bad cholesterol in our body. They are also high in Vitamins like B3, B12 and D.

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