Yellow-dot Grouper

Scientific Name – Epinephelus sps

LanguageCalled as
Arabicلؤز مُبَقَّع برتقالي


Yellow-dot Grouper have yellow spots on their predominantly brownish body. They are found in deeper seas and the fish is kind of rare in the oceans.

Culinary Features

They are firm fish that does not flake. They can be baked and grilled and can be prepared like a stew. They have a mild flavor. It is an oily fish leaving a sweet taste in the mouth. Generally, they say that grouper fish do not get overcooked that easily.

Health Benefits

One 100g serving of yellow-dot grouper has 24.8g of protein and 1.3g of saturated fat. It has more potassium than sodium and hence it can be good for people with hypertension. It is high in vitamin A, Thiamine, and B12. Apart from these minerals, they are also a rich source of calcium, magnesium and zinc.

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