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Black Grouper

Black Grouper fish is a species of marine ray-finned fish and they are also called marbled rockfish. The fish is available abundantly in the world oceans. One interesting fact about grouper fish is they begin their life as a female and some of them change into male fish as they grow older. Black Grouper can grow up to 5 feet in length and sometimes they can weigh up to 80 kgs. They can live till 30 years. The fish have an olive or gray body color and they appear with easily distinguishable black blotchy spots.
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Culinary Features

Black Grouper fish has a mild flavor. Their taste is rather distinct from Gag fish.

Health Benefits

Black Grouper are high in Vitamin B6 and B12, and minerals like potassium, selenium, and phosphorus. They have low saturated fat, unlike some fish which makes it a healthy choice. A small serving (75 gm) of grouper fish can serve 100 calories. So if you are on a calorie watch grouper is one of the fish you have to go for.

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